scan and view

have your letters scanned for instant access

If you are constantly travelling and have no fixed point of contact for forwarding,  or just must have the contents of that important letter today,  Scan & View is perfect for you!   It's also the most ecological option because scanning a letter creates just 1/50th of the Carbon compared to posting within the UK,  rising to 1/500th if the letter is being forwarded abroad!

Set the standing instructions in your account control panel to 'Open & scan my mail on arrival'.   Whilst this option is active,  every postal item delivered to your mailbox is opened and a single page is scanned,  then uploaded to your secure viewer.

using your scan viewer

By requesting a Scan & View you are giving us explicit instruction and permission to open your mail.

Scan Viewer - read your letters securely online

When you mouse over or tap on a thumbnail,  a red 'VIEW' button will appear,  as illustrated above.   Clicking VIEW will bring up a full sized version which you can then 'save as' to print or use the image off-line.

We hate spending your money,  which is why we only scan a single page of a letter or document initially.   We know from your feedback that this is usually all you'll ever need.   If you want the rest of the contents scanning,  click on;  'SCAN ALL REMAINING PAGES' below the thumbnail in your viewer!

The other one-click controls below each image are;  'DELETE SCAN',  this removes the image from your viewer,  but does not effect the physical letter,  which will remain in your mailbox.   However,  clicking on 'DESTROY THIS MAIL' will automatically instruct the mailroom to shred the associated letter,  but will leave the image in your viewer until you decide to DELETE it.

When you first log in to your secure control panel after registering,  you will notice that one 'unread scan' is already showing in your viewer,  so you can try out the feature for yourself!  :o)

scan existing mail

If you decide that you want to read letters or documents that are already in your mailbox,  no problem!   In the mail scanning section of your Control Panel you will find 'scan existing mail'.   Tick the box,  click the 'SCAN MY MAIL NOW' button,  and all previously unscanned items will be processed and uploaded to your Viewer.

If you only need a specific item scanning,  please contact Support with as accurate a description of the letter as possible and,  if the mailroom are able to identify it with confidence,  they will scan it for you.   A word of caution;  without opening mail there is little chance of identifying the sender,  especially so for official letters,  which are deliberately anonymised to help prevent identity theft,  and the search may result in a small manual handling surcharge.

Destroying and recycling scanned letters

destroying mail

Method:   In keeping with our Eco Policy,  letter mail cross shredded,  unopened,  and then recycled as bio-mass fuel.   Non-paper items may be opened to ensure that a safe,  legal and ecologically compatible destruction method is employed.

Timescales:   If you request a scanned item be DESTROYED,  we will wait 24 hours before shredding.   Any unforwarded mail  ( including both scanned and unscanned items )  in a 'Closed' mailbox will be archived for 60 days after the account expiry date before being destroyed.